(pronounced 'male-in' ) according to:

the encyclopedia:  a non prolific species of ecologicaly minded Homo sapiens indigenous to north western Europe.

Google: derived from the german 'multiply by one' (mal ein)

Tax Office: mean* contributors to the state coffers.

the Bible: this term has not been found.

Guiness book of records: first to fly backwards through the sound barrier (Mach 1).

Tesco Club Card: poor participators due to intrusive nature akin to big brother.

The Police: no track records to be found.

Equifax: debtors of millions of pounds, (unknown to us).

Friends: amiable, easy reachable** and always enjoy receiving post in the 'mail in' box.

*average (what were you thinking!)

**send email direct to any malein by putting their name before  or

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Last updated: November 05